Four proven tactical ways to optimize the size of your email list

Four Proven Tactical Ways To Optimize The Size Of Your Email List

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Every Internet Marketer, or aspiring Internet Marketer has heard the phrase, “The Money’s in the list”. Nothing in this frustrating business is so true. Nothing is agreed upon more by all the so called “gurus” out there. But how do you get one? How do you get the names of as many people as possible who are actively interested in buying things in your particular niche?

Here are four tactics, none of which should be overlooked if you want to be successful in your quest to be a profitable Internet Marketer.

1) Your Giveaway Must Be Both Relevant And Valuable

It is common knowledge that very few, if any, people will part with any personal information, even if it’s just their first name and email address, without receiving something in return. There are a multitude of places where you can get something free, or very cheaply to give away. Remember, it will be an electronic product of some kind, so even if you have to pay a few Dollars for the rights to use something, you will only need to pay that money once. Not again and again, every time you get a new subscriber. However, there are three things you must keep in mind before you decide on what your free giveaway will be.
- It must be relevant to the niche of the product you are eventually going to try to sell.
- It must be a useful and worthwhile product. Not rubbish. This is especially true if you decide to give away a piece of software. That software must work, and do whatever it is it is supposed to do. There are so many cheap PLR software products out there that just don’t do what they are supposed to do, it isn’t funny. If you give away a piece of duff software, it will reflect on you very badly. In fact, I would go as far as suggesting that you stay well clear of cheap software products all together.
- You must read the PLR conditions attached to the product very carefully before offering it as a giveaway. Some, though not many, PLR products insist that it is on-sold for a minimum price, rather than being given away.

2) Your Giveaway Must Look Attractive

Ensure that you have access to a nice looking graphic of a colorful e-book cover, box of CDs, or other appealing image, which will give your prospective signee and hopefully a future customer the feeling that he or she is getting something of value for free. Of course, this is all psychological, as when the e-book, video, or mp3 file is downloaded, it won’t have a cover of any sort. But it’s amazing what a positive effect a nice looking package makes to the number of people who choose to complete your form to receive your free gift.

3) The Sign-Up Squeeze Page Should Be Short And Must Only Concentrate On The Free Offer

Remember, you are not going to make any money directly from your free offer. Yes, the squeeze page around your sign-up has to extoll the virtues of whatever it is you are giving away, but you don’t need to go overboard. Leave the serious sales letter writing for the emails you are going to send to your prospective customers after they have signed up to your list, and for web sites you are going to direct them to in those emails. If a visitor to your site is not going to give away his or her first name and email address to receive a free gift that is relevant to the niche your main product is in, with just a little coercion in the form of a sales pitch, then it is very unlikely that he or she will part with any cash for a more substantial product further down the line.

Also it is very important that in this, the first stage of a long sales process, that the final product or, worse still, its price, are NOT mentioned. Your writing must only be aimed at getting the prospect to fill out the form and to click on “submit”

4) Use A Reputable Autoresponder Setup With Double Opt-In Facilities

Trying To organize a list yourself is just too difficult. Here are just a few of the reasons that this is so:

- Remember that the Internet is global. You could, have people wanting to sign-up 24 hours a day. These prospective customers don’t want to wait a day to receive their confirmation email. It has to be immediate. Do you really want to never be able to sleep again?

- As your list, hopefully, gets bigger it will become harder and harder to keep track of where everybody is along the “path” of follow-up emails you have planned. I’m not saying that it would be impossible, it could be done with a spreadsheet, I suppose, but is that really your dream of what an Internet Marketer’s life should be like?

- There’s a huge amount of legal requirements surrounding the sending of emails to strangers. Double-Opt ins, unsubscribe facilities, your physical address, just to name a few. You would be sure to miss something out and be nabbed for spamming in no time.

To sum up, I am afraid to say that there is really no alternative but to fork out the very reasonable $30 or so a month to get Aweber, Getresponse, or one of the other reputable autoresponder companies out there to run your lists for you.

This article has barely scraped the surface of what there is to learn about constructing an email list. Do you need further advice on this huge topic, where “doing it wrong” could be a disaster? Would a free course of instructional emails, each longer than this article be of help? If so, go to

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