Make press releases a part of your overall brand

Make Press Releases A Part Of Your Overall Brand

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Blog posts, full-length articles, and videos are all important part of building your brand. But don’t stop with these aspects either because press releases play an equally important role in building your brand, reinforcing customer loyalty and strengthening your position in the market, among others.

Why is this so? For one thing, press releases are the best way promote your business including its products and services to present and prospective customers, influencers and stakeholders. Your business will be perceived as one that stays active in the community, looks after the welfare of its customers, and provides for relevant updates. You are making your presence felt!

For another thing, press releases provide informative and interesting fodder for industry watchers regarding the state of your business, the direction it is taking, and other relevant information. When press releases are properly distributed, you will reap the benefits of multiplication wherein you reach more people with lesser amount of time and effort required.

But not all press releases are crafted equal. Your success in using press releases to promote your brand rests on several factors including its:

a. Content - Be sure that the contents are, indeed, newsworthy while also being informative, engaging and interesting. Information about your products and services (i.e., launchings, innovations and promos) as well as company information (i.e., award received, new appointments of officers) are excellent contents for press releases. Just make sure that your press releases are not blatant advertising aggressively encouraging readers to buy your products and services.

We suggest sticking to the facts and figures of the company while letting the readers decide on your business’ trustworthiness. Your main goal in writing press release is to generate interest - a good buzz, in industry parlance - in your company without going into the advertising territory.

b. Distribution - You must do everything possible to get your press releases into the attention of your target audience. Even the best press releases will be nothing when these are not read by your target readers such as customers, bloggers and industry insiders.

You can always use the direct approach like e-mails to journalists, posts on your official websites, and posts on social media accounts. To get a step up over your competition, you will want to use major online distribution channels like Yahoo News, place hyperlinks on the press releases, and continuous online brand citations.

Start drafting press releases now and see your brand enjoy an increased awareness among target customers soon!

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